Saturday, 4 July 2009

Defence to Attack

In a game of squash you will find in every rally that one player is on the Attack and the other is retrieving the ball and is playing the defensive game. The work rate is the big difference between the two; the attacking player is usually moving the other player around the court and making him do all the work. This is because the defensive player is only just getting the ball back and is usually playing retrieval shots that can sometime be loose. The main thing to remember when being on the wrong end of a hard rally is to try and keep your shape and always get back to the T, if you can get back to the T position you will have a great chance of turning the rally around. When being stretched by your opponent, at the front or back of the court, remember to lift the ball to length; this then gives you time to get back to the T. Rally mentalities will change frequently over the course of a match, the way to stay on the attack is to remember the T, and when on the defensive the T position even more so. Give it a go in your next game and see the results for yourself.


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