Saturday, 4 July 2009

Taking the ball early

It is key that when receiving your opponents serve that you take the ball early and volley, this gives your opponent less time to prepare. When volleying, don’t go for a fancy winner; keep the ball straight and as far away from your opponent as possible. This makes him do more work and if your length is tight and deep he or she will find it difficult to retrieve. This then puts you in control and ready for the boast or loose shoot that follows.

Try and do this also when in a rally, cut out the crosscourt with a volley length, don’t let the ball come past you! If your opponent plays a good shot, acknowledge this and give respect to the ball, don’t try and play a volley on the stretch, you will probably hear the sound of the tin shortly after.

Be patient. A key element when playing squash, but is forgotten easily in the heat of a long and fast rally.

Give it a go in your next game and see the results for yourself.


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